Re: [PATCH] : Basic help for the filters window

On 10.08.2002 22:53 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 2002.08.10 19:10 Emmanuel wrote:
>> 	Hi all,
>> this patch adds an help page that describes the filters windows (i.e. 
>> the filters dialog box itself and the condition window). It is basic 
>> and certainly perfectible (that's the first time I do this), but as we 
>> are heading to a stable release, we must try to improve the user guide.
>> It lacks screenshots but I don't know how to do it. Moreover I'm not 
>> sure my dialup connection will like them when sending the patch, so if 
>> someone could help.
>> Bye
>> Manu
> I find that screenshots go out of date so fast, they're not worth 
> looking at. Can't we assume that the reader of the help pages has a live 
> Balsa to compare with the help info?

This is what I would tend to think also.
I don't know what the GDP says about that issue though.

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