Re: Replying to lists (and related queries)

On 2002.04.10 03:44 Brian Stafford wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been making fairly heavy use of the automatic identity selection 
> feature of late and it works well for me except in one situation.  
> Replying to a list.  Its becoming an irritation because I keep 
> forgetting to explicitly select the identity before sending messages 
> to the list, leading to unnecessary bounces, list admin actions etc.
> I thought I'd do a patch for this so I found the code that guesses 
> the identity, but then I got stuck.  Currently Balsa guesses the 
> identity from the content of the original message's To: header.  Just 
> now, I can't think of a good way to guess/select an identity for 
> replying to lists.  Any suggestions?

I believe you'd need to add a field to the identity, `Use this identity 
when posting to lists', perhaps with some way to specify one or more 

> Realted thing.  Would it be more sensible to replace the address book 
> button to the right of the From field with the identity selector 
> button?


> Allowing the arbitrary selection of From: from the address book 
> appears to violate RFC 2822.  from section 3.6.2
>    In all cases, the "From:" field SHOULD NOT contain any mailbox that
>    does not belong to the author(s) of the message.

What does `belong to' mean?

> Another related thing, when using the address book button to pick an 
> arbitrary From: address, does balsa set the Sender: header from the 
> identity?  RFC 2822 states that the Sender: header should be set when 
> From: lists multiple addresses or when the mailbox in From: is not 
> the actual sender of the message.  Again this is described in RFC 
> 2822 3.6.2

Balsa doesn't allow multiple `From:' addresses. Presumably it should, 
but that's another matter.

> Brian


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