Re: Patch: Handle distribution lists on alias expansion

On 2001.09.24 15:37 Toralf Lund wrote:
>OK, I've now made an alternative (presumably better) implementation, 
>refer to attached patch. I didn't introduce a new class though, but 
>merely added another list to LibBalsaAddress, for two reasons:

The implementation is fine, I like it.

And it works amasingly good! At least, the patch passed few tests I have 
set up (the tests are not complete but cover most common situations).

How do you feel about this patch, do you think yourself it is safe to 
commit (disregard my opinion)? Or would you like to work on it a little 
bit more?

I think we should have 1.2.1 release soon (by the end of the month) and 
make sure it is not less stable than 1.2.0. This means addressing all the 
issues encountered with 1.2.0 so far, whenever possible.

While looking for balsa traces on the net, I found an opinion that balsa 
is difficult to install. Does anybody share this view? If so, what exactly 
makes installation difficult?


>* Revise "dist_list_mode" logic and index parameter(s). (The code in the 
>patch will try to ensure dist_list_mode is "false" at all times for LDIF 
>address book, and also return list string unconditionally when 
>member_list is set.)
Pawel Salek, Theoretical Chemistry, SCFAB, Stockholm

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