Re: PATCH: new firsttry introduces dependency on xml-i18n-toolize while balsa does not
require it at the moment (I do not even have this tool installed). What is
this program needed for? 

BTW, who is sopwith? (this `whoami` hack makes me curious :-) Why does he
deserve special treatment? :-)

On 2001.09.22 15:28 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> hi,
> in the attachment you receive my first try of a new
> file that suits new autoconf, automake,
> gettext and libtool and also the current way of GNOME
> please note that this is more or less a usecase example
> and show you how it should be done correctly. the current
> is more a hack it doesnt work but i would
> like to get help so we could get the new one running
> and added to the cvs.
Pawel Salek, Theoretical Chemistry, SCFAB, Stockholm

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