Re: Two minor problems


> 1. The Reply button doesn't seem to give the correct return 
> address for mailinh lists anyway  (I can hear people sighing).
Yes, there's a reply to group feature, which does not have a button
(volunteers, anyone?). Just highlight the email you wish to reply to and hit

> 2. I didn't notice this on previous versions, but the attachent icon
> (a paper  clib) appears by email with html parts. The upshot of 
> this is that anything that comes from a microsoft mailer has
> an attachment.

*sigh again* Yes, it's a pet peeve of mine, too. There's a patch that will
use a different icon if multipart/related is used for HTML mail. MS uses
multipart/mixed in some versions, I don't know what's to be done about that.
I would prefer to see the HTML icon in a new column, so that there can be a
HTML icon when _any_ part of a message is HTML and a paperclip when _any_
part of a message is not either text/plain or text/html.
The patch still needs some work.


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