Re: GtkHTML URL patch

On 2001.09.18 15:01 Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 12.09.2001 16:53:15 schrieb(en) hitched97:
> > Sorry, had a defect in that last patch.  Try this instead...
> A really nice feature! May I abuse your function to also display links in
> text
> parts? See the attached two-liner, which has to be applied after yours. I
> think the code looks clean, so it should go into 1.2. Opinions?

Commited to CVS (after 1.2.0) (both patches: url-in-text.patch required a
minor change to make it compile without gtkhtml). Thanks!

I am collecting now all the pending patches. Several most obvious
contributions collected from bugzilla have been already commited to CVS. 

1. if you filed your patch in bugzilla but haven't got any response, make
sure report's Keyword field is set to PATCH.

2. if you submitted your patch to balsa-list but the patch is not in CVS
for an *unknown* reason, ask, or resubmit the patch.

Comments on 1.2.0 are most welcome: we can have 1.2.1 relatively soon with
the straightforward features and 1.2.0 bug fixes.

Hm, that would be all for now. Thanks again for all the contributions!


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