Re: retrieving email ?

>rh7.1 has a terribly old balsa. i'd sugest you upgrade, it has nothing to
>do with your current problems but it will probably keep you from hitting
>old bugs.
>rh7.2 came out with with balsa-1.1.7 which is nicer, or you could wait for
>the rh7.2 erratum that will carry balsa-1.2.1 or balsa-1.2.2

I'll upgrade when I get back home... I do stay up on packages with rh's 
up2date util, but again, I'm not sure what version I have as of yet..

>that is a directory
>/home/mike/mail/inbox for instance :)

that make's alot of sense <g>

>you can configure pop3 access in settings->preferences

I think the issue above (wrongly configured mailbox) might solve the 
problem.. If not, I'll be back... :)


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