Re: QUESTION: old toolbar compat code

On 2001.10.18 13:40 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
>  hi,
>   how does this look now ? ive seen that there is a compatibility
>  code implemented for old toolbar settings. now my question how
>  exactly does this work ?
>   does this see old settings and take them and whenever i change
>  the toolbar move to the new settings or will it permanently keep
>  the old way until nirvana ?

As by my original implementation, it will remove any buttons from the 
config taht aren't available anymore. It doesn't care about changes in 
icons or default positions and the default toolbars are never reapplied. 
Any new buttons have to be added to the customized toolbar manually.
If a toolbar has never been customized, changes to the default toolbar will 
be visible when the new version of Balsa starts up.

A "Reset to default" button may be nice, somewhere, to set a toolbar back 
to the uncustomized state.


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