Closing IMAP mailboxes?

I was going to add a new bug report now, but since GNOME Bugzilla won't 
cooperate today:

The "Close" operation for IMAP mailboxes still gives me a lot of pain. To 
make a long story short, the problem is that "Close" doesn't _really_ 
close the mailbox for IMAP; the message list etc. is removed, of course, 
but it looks like the connection to the server is left open. The 
consequence is that you often get the infamous "idle for too long" error 
message when trying to re-open the mailbox because the server has timed 
out in the mean time. Which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid by using 
"Automatically close if unused" preference...

Can someone please try to look into this?
Toralf Lund <>  +47 66 85 51 22
Kongsberg Scanners AS               +47 66 85 51 00 (switchboard)     +47 66 85 51 01 (fax)

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