Re: General Problems with Balsa

On Sun,  4 November 19:48 Carlos Morgado wrote:

> humm, does any other client work with this server ? my guess here is the
> message uidls aren't being seen correctly. i've seen this kind of thing
> happen with some servers if you delete from the mailbox. the pop server just
> rehashes all the uidls and breaks everything.
   ^^^^^^^^ assigns new?

RFC 1939 requires that the uid is persistent across sessions even if the 
UPDATE command is not issued.  Although it is not stated explicitly the 
impliciation of this requirement is that for a given message the associated 
uid MUST NOT change.

The uid is not required to be sequential and clients are required to handle 
the situation where more than one identical copy of a message is in a maildrop 
and had the same uid (this permits computing the uid as a hash of the message 

I conclude that the server behaviour described above is non-conformant.

Brian Stafford

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