Re: url highlighting (regex)


> Am 28.05.2001 01:00:47 schrieb(en) m96:
> > i have a small problem with the url highlighting. after successful
> > compilation without any errors if i start and select a message which
> > comtains url's none of them is highlighted. and it gives on the console
> > the warning:
> >
> > ** WARNING **: part_info_init_mimetext: quote regex compilation failed.
> This is the quote's regexp, not the url's... You can supply a working one
> using the options->mail options panel. I use "^(([ \t])*[|>:}#])", btw.

thanks a lot! it worked. i never thought that a small regex would make
that much trouble. the old regex was from balsa 0.7 or earlier....

one more time thanks. now everything works fine.

alias m96.

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