Clickable URL's again... new patch

Hi all!

Attached is a new patch (against 1.1.5) for the clickable URL stuff. I
*hope* I addressed the following problems:

* fix bug #55548 (crashes if the user did not select a custom font for the
messages). In this case, the style's default font will be used for
calculations, which is the correct one anyway;

* fixes the problem of wrong URL "hot area" positions if text and/or URL's
are wrapped by the text widget;

* another approach for the regexp, which hopefully resolves at least some
of the problems with different rexexp implementations as discussed earlier
in this list;

* support for mailto: fields. It calls a send window in this case. There
was already code for that in main.c, which I moved to sendmsg-window.c.
Is this ok, Pawel?

* basic support for telnet, gopher, nntp and news, including new config
items to specify the external program to be called.

The last thing is not yet really functionable, due to the following:

* telnet: the telnet program does not accept a RFC compliant url, but wants
to see it broken into several fields. Shall we include code to supply these
fields (like %h, %p, %u, and %s for host, port, user and secret,
respectively), or is there any other telnet application which accepts the

* gopher: no idea which program to call for gopher... Help pleaze!!!

* news and nntp: I don't really use them (well, using Netscape...), so is
there a gnome app to handle them?

And, one more question, should we add a field for an "ftp application" in
the setup? Some people (including me) might prefer an other application
like gftp instead of the browser, but it might be confusing for others.

As always, I am really interested in any comments or suggestions!


  Dr. Albrecht Dreß  -  Monschauer Straße 22  -  D-53121 Bonn (Germany)
      Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -  E-Mail


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