cursor key behavior

hi all!

you won't know me because this is my first post on this list. i'm using 
balsa since 1.2.1 on debian potato.

i find one behavior of balsa very confusing compared to windows 
clients. when i click on a message in the message list and i press my 
up/down cursor keys, it scrolls the preview window. imho the cursor 
keys should scroll the preview frame only when i clicked into that 
frame before, otherwise it should select the next/previous message 
(like in the mailbox list frame).
well, just my two bits. (sorry for my poor english)

my question now:
--> is there any way to bind my cursor keys to "p"/"n" in balsa? <--

i'm very excited to test your new search features in 1.3.* soon. you 
guys did a pretty good job upto now and i really hope that i will find 
some time to contribute code when my computer science studies allow it.

merry xmas everyone,
XMAS, XMAS!!! *g*


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