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Am 14.12.01 09:07:47 schrieb(en) Olaf Frączyk:
> My name uses iso-8859-2 character. Normally I send mails encoded in 
> iso-8859-2. But on reply (if somebody sends me email with 8859-1 encoding), 
> balsa automatically changes encoding to received one.

Known problem. Currently balsa guesses the charset for the headers from the 
message body charset. The problem is that the conversion from 
"=?iso-8859-2?Q?Fr=B1czyk?=" to "Frączyk" (which means that the charset 
information is stripped) is done in libmutt. However, afaik RFC 2047 allows 
different charsets for each header and/or the message part[s] (maybe even 
multiple charsets in a single header?). Balsa "sees" only strings (gchar *), 
see the typedefs in libbalsa/address.h.

> The only resolution is to be able to set encodings separately for body and 
> for headers, and because of the 'identity' feature, it would be nice to 
> have it as per identity setting.

I am afraid that this will be rather complicated, as balsa puts together a 
LibBalsaMessage structure, which in turn contains LibBalsaAddress elements. 
The latter ones don't yet have a charset information, and the encoding is 
again hidden somewhere deep in libmutt. So fixing this needs a lot more than 
just a handful of commands... Maybe the best approach would be switching 
everything to unicode, and then guess the best charset automatically. But, 
again, this might completely blow up libmutt and is therefore a really big 

The quick but incomplete solution for me (and the "Umlaut" in my name) is to 
change the message charset manually to something which contains the "ß" (like 
iso-8859-1, -2 or -15).

>> Also, is it correct that In-Reply-To: headers are RFC-2047 encoded? It
>> might be useful to NOT encode the Message-ID contained for compatibility
>> with non-MIME clients (and it may eben be mandatory to leave these
>> In-Reply-To: unencoded, I didn't check RFC-2822 and RFC-2047/2049).
> Sorry, don't know.

Ask Brian, our RFC guru ;-))


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