Re: Default domain for unqualified recipients

On Tue,  4 December 13:51 Glenn Carver wrote:
> It is possible to configure Balsa (v1.2.3 RPM), to attach a default domain 
> when sending a message to unqualified recipients; by that mean "user" rather 
> than "". Our SMTP server is configured (for security 
> reasons) to reject unqualified addresses and it's a bit of pain to have to 
> type in our local domain's full address.

Actually, if submitting on port 25 and the server is publicly reeferenced, it 
is *required* to reject unqualified recipients.

It's always worth checking whether you have submission on port 587.  The SMTP 
server is allowed to be more liberal in what it accepts - it may qualify 
domains for you, for example - and furthermore a firewall can deny access to 
it from outside the lan, so security isn't compromised (port 25 remains strict 
on syntax of course).  You might just be lucky and have such a configuration.

> If it's not possible, can I flag it as a possible enhancement?? (this is a 
> feature on Eudora).

to the list in general: is this what domain in the identity panel is for?  
I've never figured what it does.

Brian Stafford

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