Re: "file:" URLs?

On Mon, 20 August 17:14 Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Toralf,
> I see your point that you don't want to send huge files as attachments.
> However, I think the solution for your problem is sending a mail with mime
> type message/external-body, according to RFC 2046, section 5.2.3 (Agree,
> Brian?).

message/external-body would be mega.  The IETF distributes documents this way
to those subscribed to their mailing lists.

> Here you can also specify the access method (like local file,
> anonymous ftp, tftp). I have no idea if balsa (or libmutt or whatever) does
> support this, though.

Not to my knowledge.  However I suspect that the url scheme to helper mapping
would be a good start to a back end for message/external-body.  Better still
it might be a common backend within balsa for both that and the url handling

> Exactly. And therefore I *really* don't think implementing support for file:
> uri's in balsa is a good idea. At least it should be disabled by default (if
> possible during configure, as some users tend to deactivate all security...)



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