Re: mail folder bug??

On Mon, 02 Oct 2000 07:31:11 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2000-10-01 04:13:01 m.nine.six wrote:
> > i found a problem in this release. i created a new mailbox folder
> (using mkdir) and mailboxes (using touch).
> This is because balsa thinks that files names consisting only of digits
> commas are mh message names. This is definetely wrong assumption for
> directories and on the border between bug and feature for mailboxes.
> (well, it's bug IMO).
> /Pawel

Which reminds me. So far, the only local mailboxes I've been able to get to
behave itself in balsa is the kind created by mkdir/touch - using the "Add
New Mailbox" menu option will only create a mailbox on the root level of
the mailbox tree, regardless of where in my directory structure I create
it. And even if I create it in the local mail directory and then move it to
the correct location in my directory structure from my file manager, when I
return to balsa, I will have two entries in the mailbox try - the original
(now erroneous) one, and the new (correct) one. If I try to open the
erroneous one, it of course gives me a non-fatal error, and I can delete it
from the tree without incident. And at the least, working with mailboxes,
even erroneous ones, now does not cause balsa to crash, like it did before.
That's a good thing, at least.

I still think, though, that having to go to the OS for at least part of the
mailbox creation process should be unnecessary, from a design point of
view. I should be able to create folders and mailboxes entirely from within
balsa. But at least, by using the mkdir/touch method, I do have *a* way of
doing it, which most Gnome mail clients don't give me at all (spruce, my
former mail client, for example).

Thanks for your attention.

Raven (not the OTHER Raven, THAT Raven! :-)
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