Re: gpg support/libmutt

Quick update:

I grabbed mutt 1.2.5 and have been trying to 
convince the pgp*.[ch] files to work in the
libmutt subdir of balsa 1.0.

Anyway, they seem slightly mismatched.  
Does anyone have the original pgp files for
the version of mutt involved?  Or can tell
me what version of mutt it was?


On 2000.11.27 17:01:14 -0500 Oliver wrote:
> I've seen some discussion of GnuPG/PGP support
> in the archive but it's not clear to me when we
> might expect to see it in an official release?
> Or when it will be in good shape?
> I mainly ask because while I was making some
> personal tweaks to the way balsa sends my mail,
> I saw all this #ifdef _PGPPATH stuff in libmutt.
> mutt, of course, has excellent support for pgp
> and it would be really nice to turn this on.
> However, the libmutt directory seems to be 
> missing some of the pgp support (and all the
> #ifdef _PGPPATH's drop out)?
> Or am I missing something?
> It would seem to me that putting the extra 
> mutt pgp calls back in would allow me to add
> pgp/gpg support to balsa in only a few lines of
> code.
> So might someone have those missing file(s)?
> -Oly
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