Re: cvs org . missing files ?

On Tue, 16 May 2000 17:15:17 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> What are the current branches of balsa cvs, and what is the most up to
> date ? I really don't grok the current org, and really
> doesn't help.
> Also, on the main branch, i'm missing po/ and
> intl/*. Something broken with my cvs rep ? Something broken on
> main branch ?
> cheers, and tkx for any clue :)

I'm 99% sure that you need to run '' when you check out Balsa;
it runs lots of little programs that generate the common files, of which
those Makefiles, and the whole intl/ directory I believe, are part. Your
system will probably have a file "/usr/share/gettext/po/",
for example, that will be installed by 'gettextize'.

But those details don't matter. Just run and it will all work
out :-)

Peter Williams

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