[rms39 columbia edu: Re: Cooperation with balsa]

I have just had a conversation about the ongoing work on gnomecard and
possible data exchange with balsa.


balsa should not rely too much on gnomecard. Kind of sad.


On 2000-05-09 19:04 Russell Steinthal wrote:
On Tue, 09 May 2000 18:57:00 +0200, Pawel Salek wrote:

>Correct. But I don't think the issue is limited to balsa. this is 
more a
>question: "is it possible to use gnomecard as a tool for storing
>information not only about persons but also about, say, groups. This 
brings me
> to
>another point: what about usage of LDAP for storing this kind of 
>information? I know one guys was arguing it would be a good approach.

I consider gnomecard almost unsupported- it has a lot of bugs, I 
don't know much about the code, and don't have the time or 
inclination to learn it.  Personally, I keep my address information 
in a text file ~/phone, but I guess I'll try out the Evolution 
contact manager when that's ready.

Sorry to not be so helpful, but I thought you should know that not a 
lot of development effort is going into gnomecard.  You or someone 
from your team is free to take over maintenance of it, however, if 
you need/want to develop it.


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