Re: Spoolfile variable is being incorrectly g_free'd

On 2000-06-28 20:59 John Schulien wrote:
> Inside mailbox_init(inbox_path, ...), we have:
>      Spoolfile = inbox_path;
> Then we return to balsa-app.c, where we have:
>       g_free (spool)

Great! Thanks a lot for tracing this down. I knew there had to be some kind
of a problem but wasn't sure where...

> However, after doing this, I get a new problem:
> ** WARNING **: Timeout exceeded while attempting flock lock!

Attached patch was proposed although I haven't thoroughly analized whole
locking scheme. The point is however that mailbox is locked on
reading/writing, not on opening.

Alternatively you can configure balsa with ./configure --disable-flock
--enable-fcntl but it may cause problems if you have NFS mounted mailboxes.

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202


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