address book problem

  I'm experiencing a bit of a problem with my address book in Balsa 0.8.1
(this problem was also experienced in 0.8.0).  At this time I cannot determine
if this is a bug in Balsa or something I'm doing wrong myself (though it
definatley appears to be a problem with balsa).
  Here goes..
  I've created an extensive address book via gnomecard.  In the "new message"
window of Balsa, I can click the red book to import one of these addresses
into Balsa.  However, the list of addresses this red book presents me with is
quite incomplete.  It only shows 8 addresses of the 20 I've created in
  If I click "run gnomecard," gnomecard correctly shows all 20 addresses.  They
do not appear in balsa's address book no matter how many times I click
Please help!


PS If this is determined to be a bug in balsa, I would be more than happy to
file a "real" bug report.

cclay at fastlane dot net
I think, therefore I am dangerous

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