Re: libglade and mailbox structure - opition requested

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:51:58 Pawel Salek wrote:
> Hi,
> For developers:
> I am going to rewrite half of the mailbox configuration stuff during the
> coming weekend (or so I dream :-) in order do include user edition of local
> and non-local _nested_ mailboxes. It will mean constructing quite a few new
> mailboxes (I don't know for sure now but so it seems). I would like to use
> libglade for it since it is included now in standard GNOME, or so I believe.
> Does anybody mind adding this dependency?
Go ahead. Glade is sexy eheheheh
How deep would this go into the mailbox structs and definitions ? libmutt ?

BTW, looks like my proposal for a new corba interface didn't reach the list. 
How do you feel about having corba at all ? and a gnome-pilot conduit ? :)

> For users:
> how do you think the nested mailbox GUI should look like? Suggestions? (I
> don't promise I will fulfill all the wishes, rather opposite :-). PATCHES?

the netscape interface is nice imho. you have the main server on mbox list 
and when you expand it you see all folders inside it .. recursive. it's
a bit expensive and slugish though. prolly having that *while* configuring
would be nice. 

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