Re: Alias support

On Fri, 07 Jul 2000 19:14:55 Berend De Schouwer wrote:
> Hi,
> I added the beginnings of alias support to Balsa 0.9.0.  Now, when you
> type "To: balsa<enter>", it will expand to
> "Balsa Mailing List <>", as long as the Balsa mailing
> list is in your GnomeCard.  It will also move the cursor to "Subject:".
> It does the same for "cc:".
> How does it work?
> - splits "to:" by "," and strips leading spaces.
> - checks if it has "@".  If it doesn't, it...
> - compares the alias to any single word in your full name.
> - counts the number of matches.
>   If its exactly one, it expands the alias.

Update: everything can now be set in the preferences, and it searches
your GnomeCard for ALIAS entries first, so you can add aliases
yourself for frequent mailers.  You'll have to do this with a text editor
until someone adds it to GnomeCard.
> I don't know CVS, and I didn't want to spam the list without permission,
> so try

The new patch is twice as big at
and patches against a clean Balsa 0.9.0

When you try this, please let me know if it works.

Kind regards,				  
Berend De Schouwer, +27-11-712-1435, UCS

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