Re: save attachment overwrite and other issues

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Daniel Foster wrote:
> > Open Inbox.  Put the mouse pointer on the first message in the message
> > list.
> > Click the left button and hold it down.  Move the pointer to the last
> > message, release the left button.  Right-click, and select transfer.
> > Then select the mailbox, and left-click.
> This is one feature of the interface which aught me unawares first ime
> around.  I tried to drag a message from my inbox to another folder. 
> Wouldn't this be easier than having to go through the right button menu? 
> Clearly I've not been party to the design decisions behind this, but to me
> that would seem like a more intuitive use for dragging.

I've been working on drag-and-drop functionality during the week, it should
be committed to CVS tonight barring any bugs, and then it will show up in
the next release.


Matthew Guenther                        If you're passed on the right...                   you're in the wrong lane.

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