Re: Helix Desktop

> Just a little question:
> Why isn`t Balsa part of the Helix desktop? The latest versions on the
> Debian, Storm and Redhat servers are 0.60 ...

Probably I'm to cynical, but helix are the ones producing evolution. Make
of this what you will (does helix contain any mail clients?)...

It has been suggested (not by me) that Balsa be part of the
gnome-extra-apps release for 1.4, but there was no reply on the gnome-1.4
mailing list.

Perhaps I will mention it again?

The fact that 0.6 is the latest available in many distros will hopefully be
fixed with new releases of those distro's. (0.9.5-1.0.pre5 seems to be in
woody, which is an improvement, any chance of an upload of the 1.0 release


Ian Campbell
Churchill College, Cambridge.

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