Re: Filter

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Brian Stafford wrote:

> Lets forget the procmail dinosaur and go for the Sieve mammal.  Put the
> effort into implementing a GUI for Sieve.  The generated scripts could
> then be used directly or passed off to an MTA with Sieve capability (e.g.
> sendmail + Cyrus IMAP's deliver) or even to a third party product
> implementing sieve.

I wonder how does client-side sieve work? If the mail (downloaded by balsa
from a POP maildrop) can be piped to sieve-capable delivery agent, there
is no problem at all: it is sufficient to change "procmail -f" to
"sieve-mda" and it will work fine (or make this string configurable).

I would be happy to see a separate tool (written in pyton/tcl/whatever,
perhaps) for configuring your most-favourite-mail-filtering-agent. One
could choose the MFA in preferences and pressing "configure MFA" button
would fire proper configuration tool.

IMO, the choice of MFA depends on environment one works in. sieve is
probably the future but before it becomes wide-spread, procmail should be
supported as well.

(Concerning my plans, I have attempted to rewrite mailbox configuration
to enable mailbox folders and related features in a clean fashion but this
is not yet finished and will not be before Christmas).


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