Re: 0.9.1, pop3, flock and dialogs

On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 05:22:08PM +0100, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> 0.9.1 totally pisses me off when it can't connect to the pop3 server. having
> said that, :) i go on to the problem.
> when it fails to connect to the pop3 server, it fails to flock the local
> drop box (hummm) and after the "can't connect to server" dialog it whines
> about not being able to flock and get into a whining loop. eventually the
> error dialogs overlap, balsa doesn't yeld focus, sawfish (erm ... sawfish 
> issue ?) can't raise windows. meanwhile balsa spits flock errors to stderr
> and i have to kill it -9 and restart sawfish.

ok, this doesn't happen with balsa cvs at home. i'll try cvs tomorrow at
work (slightly diferent setup) and see what happens.

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