Problems with saving attachment

After spending a long time to find a nice GUI e-mail program for my
father (he has very little experience with computers) I tried balsa 0.89.

I ended up not choosing balsa for three reasons. I hope this feedback
can help improving balsa though.

1. The addressbook didn't work. It could talk to the version og
   gnomecard from helixgnome. Though when I tried a more up to date
   version on my computer some weeks ago it worked.

2. The attachement system is not so good. When I say not so good I mean
   for a computer newbie like my father. The problems are that the first
   attachment is the text of the e-mail itself. This was confusing. 
   [Propsed fix:] Give the first attachment the name: E-mail text (or
   something like that.

3. When saving an attachment the filename of the attachment is lost as
   you choose the folder you want to save it in.  This is not only
   annoying, but makes the usage harder as one have to remember the
   filename and especially the extension (for mime purposes). It would
   have been great if this could be fixed.  

We ended up with Mahogany 0.60 for the moment, but M has its problems
too so the situation is not ideal. You could take a peak at the
attachment system it uses though. 

Thanks in advance.

Preben Randhol - -
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent",  Isaac Asimov

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