Displaying *all* headers


i'm a new user of balsa, and other than the POP3 issue i've really liked this
program.  i've been wondering, however, why setting balsa to display "all
headers" doesnt actually display *all* of them, ie.. there's no "Received: from blah,
from blah2, from blah3" type of headers, as well as other stuff (mime-version,
and other odd headers here and there)... i was wondering if this was intended or
overlooked? perhaps instead of specifying what headers are part of the set of
"all headers" (as i infer from reading some of the source) you could just parse the
incoming message to display all *actual* headers..
if i'm interpreting something wrong in the source, please feel free to point me
in the right direction and what option(s) i've overlooked...

btw.. what is the status on pop3? the (temporary i hope) solution i have for
collecting mail from multiple accounts is to set .balsarc as read-only after
creating it, then editing it by hand.. this is of course brings up two points, 
1. why does balsa write to .balsarc at quit time regardless of any options
having changed (or not), and 
2. any options that do change (such as all/partial headers being displayed)
would have to be changed by hand... 
but at least it works for multiple pop accounts for me :)
now, if CVS has fixed all this, i'll try that, but i'd rather not if it's still
buggy as hell.. all comments appreciated

Carlos Salvador

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