Re: CVS here we come!

Sounds good.  I should have time this weekend to finish up the stuff I
have been trying to get done for a few weeks now.  Try not to land
anything huge (things that could have a large impact, like threads, etc)
without at least running it by me.

Peter Williams wrote:
> I made my first CVS commit to Balsa today. Admmittedly it only
> fixed a single off-by-one error, but I really don't want to start
> off by screwing something up majorly.
> I guess this means David, Ragnar, and Hector should have accounts
> soon, and we can get cracking. I'm leaving commission of patches to
> their authors unless they have difficulty getting accounts.
> My patch, the gnome-config one, will not be committed as yet because
> Stuart expressed some sort of problem with it. If I don't get a
> clarification I'll go ahead and commit it anyway.
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> Peter Williams
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