Re: Some feature suggestions

On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 07:19:11AM +1200, Guy Steven wrote:

hello everyone,

FYI,  did you see the availability of gtkmail and gmail yet ?

> How about some basic features, like the ability to print a message, and to
> save copies of outgoing messages!!

yep, I would also like to like outgoing messages.

.. and be able to get messages from a pop3-server, or did I miss something ?

I'm using mutt all the time, just checking Balsa's status for letting one of 
my friend's use it.

btw, I like Balsa's about-popupbox.  And what does the name Balsa mean ? 
... it sounds quite nice to me :)

+++ greetings, Albert +++
In most countries selling harmful things like drugs is punishable.
Then how come people can sell Microsoft software and go unpunished?
(By, Hasse Skrifvars)

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