Trying to build balsa == huge pain in the ???


I hate the Netscape Mail Client. I want to try balsa.

I've been trying to get a successful build of balsa for about a week
now. The first stab I took was by getting the 0.4.6 source from; at that point, I had all the RPMs from the
gnome-1.0/redhat directory installed and got both a GTK test error and a
"libPropList not installed" error.

I grabbed the tarball of libPropList and installed it into
/usr/local/lib; meanwhile, I discovered an option that would allow me to
skip the GTK test in configure -- I already knew I had v1.2.0. Still no

Then, just for the change of scenery, I grabbed gtk+ from the CVS.
Trying that build was, well, weird. I chalked that up to lacking some
key bits, so I grabbed all the packages listed on the Gnome website as
minimal, plus a couple that caught my eye. =] The list of gnome packages
I've gotten from the CVS is:

  balsa libPropList gnome-pilot gnome-perl gnomoney pilot-link think 
  glib imlib ORBit gnome-libs gnome-core

Back to building, I find I must upgrade automake and autoconf. Did that
and removed the old versions (which came from RPMs). I build and install
libPropTool, then figure I'll go build gtk+ -- seems like it'd be nice
to pass the GTK test in balsa rather than skipping it. I've run and it completes fine; however, GTK+ build fails:

root@rabbit:/usr/src/gnome/gtk+ [23:29] <321# make
make: *** No rule to make target `@MAINTAINER_MODE_TRUE@', needed by
`'.  Stop.

Okay, fine. I'll just use --disable-gtktest and figure that the option
wouldn't be there if someone else hadn't had similar problems. So I go
back to balsa, having installed libPropList /usr/local/lib which is in
my LD_LIBRARY_PATH. balsa says:

root@rabbit:/usr/src/gnome/balsa [23:32] <326# ./
checking for PLGetProplistWithPath in -lPropList... no
configure: error: *** libPropList not found.  Please check for information on the required files.

At this point, I'm ready to surrender and either live with Netscape or
revert to an xterm with Pine or something. I thought I'd give it one
last shot, though, so here I am.

Question 1: what am I doing wrong?

Question 2: why isn't there an RPM for dolts like me who can't figure
out the answer to question 1?

Question 3: if I go off and learn how to build just such an RPM, who do
I send it to so that other folks don't have to go through this and/or
don't just chuck it instead of getting to actually try balsa?

Sorry to have gone so long; I wanted to quash most of the RTFM-like
answers in favor of real solutions.


Jim Meyer                                           

Version: 3.12
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