Re: Help with making balsa

>And if you pick up 0.4.9 from, you'll need to >re-run `orbit-idl` on the balsa.idl file to get it to compile.

Hmm, I've noticed you post these instructions on the list twice now, but I
haven't gotten this to work...

After downloading the latest code via CVS, copying
/usr/local/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 to ./aclocal.m4, running ./, I try
to run orbit-idl as per the hints--

joel:[balsa/idl]# orbit-idl balsa.idl 
sh: indent: command not found
Broken pipe

Something is amiss.  Ideas?  Perhaps I need ORBit stuff out of CVS as well,
instead of what I installed along with GNOME-1.0 RPMs?  


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