Re: contributing to balsa

Basically, just write the code and contribute it to the maintainer.

Although I would say to forget the example you mentioned.  Download
feedback is just about impossible due to the constraints of libmutt (which
does all the real work for downloading).

Of course, if I can ever get through with the current crush of moving back
to the states I may be able to put more work into libbalsa (which is meant
to replace libmutt).  sigh...  Oh, and libbalsa will fully support
providing feedback for downloads.


On Sat, 13 Mar 1999, Mike Dickson wrote:

> If I wanted to write some code for balsa...say, a message download
> meter...could I do that?  Of course, I'd be starting from good C knowledge
> and no gtk experience, but what better way to learn, no?
> ...Mike
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