Re: ismbnode in src/balsa-mblist.c -- 0.4.9 bug?

I really think that the problem is that someone forgot to commit all of their
changes to CVS, but here is a patch that will fix the problem in the mean

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999 14:24:34 Dave Riesz wrote:
> "ismbnode" is used in exactly two places in the 0.4.9 CVS tree, but isn't
> actually defined anywhere.  Both instances are in src/balsa-mblist.c at
> lines 438 and 463.
> It's not obvious what this is intended to do, so I haven't a clue how to get
> around it.  Can someone enlighten me?

Jesse D. Sightler

"An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble." 
         - Anonymou
--- /home/jsight/gnomecvs/balsa/libbalsa/mailbox.h	Sun Feb 21 10:27:59 1999
+++ mailbox.h	Fri Mar  5 00:01:07 1999
@@ -129,6 +129,8 @@
     void *private;
     guint open_ref;
+    gboolean ismbnode;
     gboolean lock;
     glong messages;

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