Re: Balsa Development Plans

I do this as well. The way around this is for balsa to track what
messages it has downloaded (UID I beleive is the way). So when you use
Balsa to check a pop account Balsa does not use the status on the server
to drive what it does as far as retreival.  Balsa checks to see if it
has downloaded that message before and if balsa does not have the
message it downloads it and then sets its status to match the server
(read/unread).   Calypso for Windows does this and it is extremely
effective at it.  It first "synchonises" itself with the server meaning
it downloads all messages it does not have but that have been marked
read on the server and then it grabs all new mail.   XFMAIL tried to do something
like this and it worked pretty good   Unfortunalty XFMAIL has a less
then pleasant interface and it has not been updated in over a year.   I
've said this already that the Balsa developers should be looking at
Eudora, Calypso, Outlook Express, any shareware emailer for Windows to
determine feature set.  These mailers are what 90% of the world is using
so using them to establish a baseline would be a very good idea.   I
know that mailcat a pretty goood windows mailer is going to ort there
product over to Linux.  This is good and bad.  Good that it brings an
estabished emailer to the Linux world bad in that its competition for

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>Hmmm...perhaps you're right, but here's my situation, I assume if this
>affecting me that it will affect others also.
>My ISP has indicated that it will not support IMAP4 in the foreseeable
>future.  Perhaps I need to switch ISPs, but other than this they have
>very good for me.
>What I do is read my email throughout the day on a couple of different
>machines.  Then at the end of the day I download all my email to my
>main machine and archive the messages I want to keep deleting it
>from the server at that time.  With Balsa if I re-download my
>messages I either end up having to delete some messages everytime I
>check my mail or I end up with some messages multiple times.
>>Anyway, this kind of functionality is sort of what falls into the
>>of IMAP.  While we could attempt to support this type of function for
>>it would probably end up being a kludge at best due to limitations of
>>My suggestion would be to simply treat POP as most other clients do:
>>download if it is there, delete it if they say so.  If a user wants
>>level of function we should probably point them at IMAP.  Most mail
>>servers I look at nowadays support both so going to IMAP shouldn't be
>>big an issue.
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