Hi fellows.

I have a part of the big patch I promised on a last email.
This patch was built with all the patches on the balsa-list since 23 of
March of 1999 and the stuff of fix from those patches and the ones I add.
I will resume where the patches come from and what I have add to them:

	1. Mar 28 Ryan Tilder
	2. Apr 13 Richard Hult
	3. Apr 15 Chris Waters
	4. Apr 23 Joe Williams
	5. Apr 26 Morten Welinder
	6. Jun  6 Mathieu Fenniak
	7. Jun 10 Mathieu Fenniak
	8. Jun 14 Mathieu Fenniak
	9. Jun 17 Bruno Pires Marinho

Fixed a bug on the second patch (index problem) and fixed the problem of
launching gnomecard on the eight patch (I used gnome_execute_async to
solve it). Also add a new sentbox to keep the email sent with balsa.
Changed the font used on sendwindow, and the window is sized with 80
columns. Changed the color of the preview pane (I don't like the white
background, is too bright and I wanted to change the gtktext too but I
don't know how).

On this patch is missing a Draftbox, a button to continue editing the
draft message and a button on the send window to save the email on the
draft box to continue composing later. I also wanted to add the search
on the mail box and the ispell on the send window but I think it is not
easy to implement. If someone wants to help me on the rest of the patch it 
would be great.

I did this patch because I wanted to use balsa instead of pine to read and
send email and I didn't want to wait more for the great program everyone
wants and is being hard to be started.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho


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