Re: Really Minor Patch. :)

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, you wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Mathieu Fenniak wrote:
> > The attached minor patch adds a popt table to be parsed, and the command line
> > option -c --checkmail to check mail upon startup, just as if you had hit the
> > check mail button. This patch also includes updates to the address book patch I
> > recently sent here, and thus that patch is needed for this to work. It adds
> > functionality to the 'Import' button (now 'Re-Import'), and changes the add
> > button to a 'Run GnomeCard' button that doesn't function completely. (Can
> > someone find out why? I don't know much about forking and using execlp, or
> > whatever I used. :)
> I don't why that happens and right now I don't have much like to dig it 
> but a quick hack would be the use of this code
> 	system ("gnomecard");

This does have the great dis-advantage of freezing balsa until gnomecard is
done running. I don't find this acceptable, it's not a good behaviour. It was
what was originally there, the fork is a much better way of running it.
(Assuming it would work).

Mathieu Fenniak

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