Problems with balsa 0.4.9

Well, after a Hurculean effort, involving 15mb worth of downloaded RPMS, and
the total uninstall/re-install of GNOME, balsa0.4.9 finally built & installed.
I even got to send a couple of E-Mails with it.
	But alas... all is not well in paradise. While Balsa looks to be going
the right direction, and if it keeps going, I will deffinately use it in the
future.  But that day is not today. It's just not ready for prime time.
	Perhaps the developers can take a moment, and offer some advise on the
following problems (collectively, they were a show stopper, and I've reverted
back to kmail:

	1) The mail doesn't transfer cleanly: Meaning, it transfers from the
pop server ok, but it doesn't cleanup after itself. It seems to leave the old
E-Mail on the server (as near as I can tell). One time you open it, there's 10
messages, the next time there's 25 or so (many of them duplicates), the next
time 40 or 50 (with most of them dups). Even if you delete them all, the next
time you open it.... They're back! I checked the setup, and it was configured
to remove the mail from the server... It just wasn't working.
	I just looked at this again... What it _seems_ to do is use
/var/spool/mail/<user> as an inbox. So what it does is move the mail (via pop)
from the pop server to /var/spool/mail/<user> on the client you're running
from. The trouble is, it doesn't clean up. It just keeps re-transfering the
mail back into the same spot, and leaves both the client and the server
"dirty"...  double death!

	2) It doesn't put the CR at the end of the line (it leaves really long
lines... really long. It's flame bait!!!  There didn't seem to be a setting for
that, so I couldn't adjust it.

	3) The filters don't work Death on a system where you're getting your
mail from multiple pop servers (one of the attractions to balsa was it's
ability to retrieve mail from multiple pop  servers). I also belong to several
mailing lists, and need the filters to keep things separated!!!

	4) No adjustment for the folders window. (this is a gee it'd be nice
item). The folders window is a locked size. If the folder names get long, the
ends get cut off. (ok.. it's a 'nit, but it bothered me).

	Items 1, 2, &3 were the killers. If you can address those, you're well
on the way to a good product!

	Thanks for listening. 


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