Re: Balsa 4.6.2

	Yeah, it was there, and it did the trick.
	Balsa still doesn't compile, but I'm at least abit closer, & smarter.
What this may intail is just updating the whole gnome set via CVS, then
compiling the newest balsa against that... 

	Throwing in the towel for tonight. It's nearly 2:00am.. time for some
sleep. Tomorrow's another day.

	Thanks everyone for the assistance tonight. I'll be back at it again
tomorrow.  (I'm going to get a decent mail reader one way or another (and I
don't like pine & elm...!).

		Night all!

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Ole J. Tetlie wrote:
>*-Ric Tibbetts <>
>| Ok, since I'm on a roll with the silly questions, here comes another one:
>| 	(can you spell CVS newbie?)
>| 	I went to CVS, and did a checkout. But what I got was usless to me. It
>| was totally lacking files such as "", and "configure", along with
>| the dependant files for those....
>| 	What did I miss here? I thought if you did a checkout from cvs you got
>| a compilable package... OR: Do I need to do the checkout against an already
>| populated source tree?
>You hopefully got a file called It will run the
>entire configuration process for you.
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