Balsa Core Dump w/out ".baslarc" file. (was Re:I hate this)


	I too had some trouble installing balsa from the source.  My problem was a
number of uninitialized variables in "misc.c" during the main make run.
	I have all the libraries linked properly (is everyone being forced to
link your gnome libraries & all to new ones to make balsa happy?) and now, when
I try and run Balsa I get this :

Unable to connect to Server Port 35091
/home/digital/.balsarc: 1: parse error
*** Could not load configuration file .balsarc
Seg Fault (Core Dumped!)

	At first I got a core dump because I did not have the file, and the
above error was generated from having an empty .balsarc (touch'ed.) 
	I looked on the WWW site for rules on how to make a configuration file,
but not luck.  Any help would be appreciated!

~Cory Trese

On Sat, 09 Jan 1999, Andrej Todosic wrote:
#hi all , 
#i have one dumb problem 
#i finally ( after being unable to compile balsa because my GTK seems broken 
#( go figure) 
#got the RPM from
#iam running gnome0.99.2 
#i linked all thelibs balsa needs 
#and now i have one rror left 
#i cant figure it out because i have no idea how to make it nor is there any
#info anywhere 
#i launch balsa 
#and it says it cant find .balsarc
#Someone pleae make my day 
#thanks , 
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