Re: PROPOSAL: switch all html to templates

Ilya Khamushkin wrote:
Hello, All

After reading news about volounteers at a.g.o. website, I spend
some time in reading a.g.o. website code.
There are hard mix of html an php.
Feature maintaining and upgrading of site will be simpler
if html divide from php-code.
There are many php templating engines like Smarty
<>, that we can use.
I can take this task and will support a.g.o. in feature.

Let me know what you think for this subject.

I fully agree we need a template system, and I have written a very simple system to use. I did investigate several existing solutions, but I didn't feel any of them where appropriate for Many of them exceed the needs of, and add a complexity that I think is unwarranted.

However, I'm glad you are interested in helping with a.g.o. Once I have committed my template system to CVS, I will need some help stripping out all the existing HTML from the PHP and placing it into templates. So please help out if you can!


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