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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
a11y-donations a11y-donations list
anjuta-devel-list Anjuta development discussion
anjuta-list Anjuta user discussion
artweb-list Discussion of development
asia-summit-list Committee list of GNOME.Asia Summit organization
atomato-list Atomato is a framework for scripting and automation.
balsa-list Balsa email client
banshee-devel-list Development discussion for the Banshee Music Player
banshee-list Banshee is a GNOME/Mono media management and playback application
banter-list Banter discussion list
beast BEAST - BSE Enhanced Audio System
board-mentor-list Board Mentor List
boston-social discussions of social events in the Boston area
brasero-list Brasero User and Developer discussion
build-brigade-list Discussion about the work of the Gnome Build Brigade
build-list Build status messages
builder-list Builder users and developers list.
BuildStream-list [no description available]
buildstream-notifications-list BuildStream notifications
california-list Discussion regarding California, a calendar for the GNOME Desktop
cheese-list Cheese mailing list
clutter-list Development of (and with) the Clutter toolkit
code-of-conduct [no description available]
code-of-conduct-committee [no description available]
commits-list Git commits
conduit-list Synchronization for GNOME
cowbell-list Cowbell is an elegant music organizer for Gtk/Mono.
dashboard-hackers Discussion of the Beagle search and indexing system
deja-dup-list Déjà Dup backup tool discussion
desktop-devel-list GNOME Desktop Development List
desktop-testing-list GNOME Desktop Testing - Visit for more info
devel-announce-list Developer-related announcements and information
developing-world-list Promoting GNOME and free software in the developing world.
dia-list discussions about usage and development of dia
distributor-list Discussion and collaboration list for distributors of GNOME
divifund-list Discussion of the Divifund personal finance project
docs-feedback [no description available]
dogtail-devel-list dogtail core framework and app wrapper development
dogtail-list Desktop GUI Tester for Linux general discussion
dvb-daemon-list GNOME DVB Daemon
easytag-list User and developer EasyTAG discussion
ekiga-devel-list Ekiga development mailing list
ekiga-list Ekiga mailing list
engagement-committee [no description available]
engagement-committee-private [no description available]
engagement-list [no description available]
engagement-private [no description available]
eog-list Development of the Eye of GNOME application
epiphany-list For developers and users of the Gnome web browser
evince-list Evince (document viewer) mailing list
evolution-hackers Discussion about Evolution code
evolution-kolab-devel-list evolution-kolab development list
evolution-list The Evolution personal information management application
f-spot-list F-Spot photo manager: user and developer discussions.
fantasdic-list Discussion about Fantasdic
flattr-list [no description available]
folks-list Libfolks development list
fonts Free fonts for open source systems
foundation-announce Official GNOME Foundation announcements
foundation-list Discussion relating to the GNOME Foundation
frogr-list public discussion about the frogr project
ftp-release-list FTP upload notifications for packagers, the release team and insane users
fundraising [no description available]
games-list List for discussing the games in GNOME.
gamin-list Discussion list for the Gamin project
gconf-list Discussion of the GConf library
gdesklets-list User and developer discussions related to gDesklets
gdm-list GNOME Display Manager
geary-list Discussion and announcements about Geary Mail
gedit-list discussion about usage and developement of gedit
gegl-developer-list GEGL Developer List
gevice-list Discussion of Gevice.
gexiv2-list Discussion about gexiv2, a GObject wrapper for the Exiv2 library.
giggle-list Discussion of giggle, the graphical git frontend
gimp-developer-list GIMP Developer List
gimp-docs-list GIMP Documentation List
gimp-gui-list GIMP GUI List
gimp-user-list GIMP User List
gimp-web-list GIMP Web List
gir-devel-list Development of GIR, typelibs, annotations and bindings
girl-list GNOME Internet Radio Locator
gitg-list gitg git repository browser
gitlab-abuse-reports [no description available]
glademm-list Gtkmm (C++) code generator for the Glade UI builder.
glom-devel-list Development discussions about the Glom GUI database environment
gmime-devel-list List for development of and with the GMime library
gnac-list Anything about gnac and media conversion
gnome-accessibility-devel Technical discussions and patches for at-spi, gail, and ATs
gnome-accessibility-list GNOME accessibility development
gnome-ambassadors-list [no description available]
gnome-announce-list Announcements only
gnome-ar-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in Argentina
gnome-asia-committee-list Private communication among GNOME Asia committee
gnome-asia-list General discussion among Asian GNOME communities
gnome-boxes-list [no description available]
gnome-br-list GNOME para brasileiros | GNOME for Brazilians
gnome-bugsquad List to discuss bug maintenance in GNOME
gnome-ca-list GNOME Canada
gnome-calculator-list General discussion on GCalctool project
gnome-calendar-list [no description available]
gnome-cl-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in Chile
gnome-cn-list GNOME China
gnome-color-manager-list gnome-color-manager is a program that makes it easy to manage, install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop
gnome-contacts-list [no description available]
gnome-continuous-list [no description available]
gnome-cookbook-list Discussions on putting together a GNOME Cookbook
gnome-cs-list Czech GNOME community and localization
gnome-cy-list Cyfieithu GNOME i'r Gymraeg (cy)/Welsh (cy) GNOME translation
gnome-cyr A mailing list, dedicated to the problems of Gnome cyrillization and i18n
gnome-db-list GNOME-DB discussions
gnome-de GNOME in Germany (German translations)
gnome-devel-list GNOME development
gnome-developer-kit-list Anything around GNOME Developer Kit
gnome-devtools Discussion of gnome development tool development
gnome-doc-devel-list Discussion about development of yelp, gnome-doc-utils, and other documentation-related utilities
gnome-doc-list GNOME documentation issues
gnome-el-list GNOME Greek Translators Mailing List
gnome-enterprise-list GNOME Enterprise Channel
gnome-eo-list Esperanto GNOME community and translation
gnome-es-list GNOME Spanish Translators Mailing List
gnome-et-list GNOME Estonian Translators Mailing List
gnome-flashback-list Mailing list for the Gnome Flashback project
gnome-fr-list Liste d'utilisateurs en FranÁais (support, discussions, etc.)
gnome-fy-list GNOME translations for language Western Frisian
gnome-ge-list Gnome Georgian Users Mailing List
gnome-gl-list Gnome Galician Users and Translators Mailing List
gnome-hispano-board-list Gnome Hispano Board coordination list.
gnome-hispano-list Lista de correo de la comunidad GNOME Hispano
gnome-hu-list Hungarian GNOME Community
gnome-i18n Internationalization (I18N) of GNOME
gnome-in-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in India
gnome-infrastructure Public discussions for the hosted services and infrastructure
gnome-ir-list Persian translation, discussion, chit-chat, ...
gnome-it-list Coordinazione traduttori italiani
gnome-keyring-list Discuss gnome-keyring and crypto/password issues of the GNOME desktop.
gnome-l10n-ta-list [no description available]
gnome-latin-list Latin translation of GNOME
gnome-list General discussion
gnome-lk-list Localization issues and events related to Sri Lanka
gnome-multimedia GNOME Multimedia development
gnome-my-list Advocacy, chit-chat and event planning in Malaysia
gnome-network-list Discussions about gnome-network development
gnome-nl-list Gnome-NL
gnome-no Liste for GNOME Norge, alle norske GTK og GNOME brukere velkommen
gnome-office-list Discussion of GNOME Office suite
gnome-os-list List to discuss and plan midterm goals of GNOME
gnome-outreachy-list [no description available]
gnome-pe-list Usuarios y colaboradores de GNOME en Perķ
gnome-pilot-list The PalmOS(tm) integration package
gnome-pk-list GNOME Pakistan List
gnome-power-manager-list GNOME Power Management Discussion
gnome-print-list gnome-print is a C-based API that implements the Postscript imaging model
gnome-pt_br-list Lista de traduÁ„o para o PortuguÍs Brasileiro
gnome-redhat-list Discussion of official Red Hat Linux GNOME
gnome-se-list Discussions about GNOME in Swedish, or in Sweden / Diskussioner om GNOME på svenska eller i Sverige
gnome-shell-extensions-list Extension development and maintenance discussion and help
gnome-shell-list Next generation GNOME desktop shell
gnome-sk-list Slovak GNOME Translation Team / Slovensk√Ĺ prekladateńĺsk√Ĺ t√≠m GNOME
gnome-soc-list Summer of Code discussion
gnome-software-list [no description available]
gnome-themes-list GNOME and GTK+ Themes
gnome-turk Gnome Turkiye Listesi
gnome-tw-list GNOME Taiwan List
gnome-uk-list Mailing list for UK based GNOME Users and Developers
gnome-us-list Mailing list for US User Group
gnome-usage-list [no description available]
gnome-utils-list Gnome-utils development list
gnome-vi-list Vietnamese translation mailing list
gnome-web-list GNOME Website Development
gnome-women-list Discussion about the GNOME Women project
gnomecc-list GNOME Control Center
gnote-list Discussions about Gnote.
gnumeric-list GNOME spreadsheet
gok-list GOK on-screen keyboard developers and users
goocanvas-list Discussion of goocanvas
gossip-list F-Spot photo manager: user and developer discussions.
grilo-list public discussion about Grilo project
gspell-list The mailing list of gspell
gthumb-list Discussion relating to the gThumb image browser
gtk-app-devel-list Writing Apps with GTK+
gtk-devel-list Development of GTK+
gtk-doc-list The gtk-doc documentation tool
gtk-i18n-list Internationalization and GTK+
gtk-list General discussion of GTK+
gtk-osx-devel-list Developer Discussions for Maintaining Gtk-OSX projects
gtk-osx-users-list GTK+-OSX Users
gtk-perl-list Using GTK+ with Perl
gtk-vnc-list gtk-vnc development mailing list
gtkdatabox-list General discussion of GtkDatabox
gtkglarea-list Development and use of the GtkGlArea widget
gtkglext-list Use and development of GtkGLExt, gtkglextmm, and PyGtkGLExt
gtkmm-list gtkmm general discussion
gtranslator-list gtranslator discussion
guadec-attendees-list A newsletter-style list for updates about GUADEC
guadec-list Community list for GUADEC organisation
guadec-local Former forum for local GUADEC planning team (use guadec-list)
guadec-organization Private list for the core organizing team
guadec-papers GUADEC Paper Review Team
guadec-volunteers-list [no description available]
gugmasters-list List for communication between GNOME User Groups
gupnp-list GUPnP discussion.
gvfs-list Discussons about the gvfs virtual filesystem
gxml-list GXml developer and user list
hildon-list Desktop and widgets for mobile use
infrastructure-announce Announces from the GNOME Sysadmin Team
intern-alumni-list [no description available]
interns-list [no description available]
internships-admin [no description available]
java-gobject-introspection-list Java bytecode-based compiler using GObjectIntrospection
javascript-list JavaScript in GNOME
jokosher-devel-list Jokosher Developer List
language-bindings GTK+/GNOME language bindings development discussion
las-coc [no description available]
las-gnome Libre Application Summit Email list
latexila-list The mailing list of GNOME LaTeX
legal-list public discussions of legal issues facing the GNOME project
libchamplain-list Ask anything about libchamplain
libcroco-list development discussions about libcroco, the gnome css2 parsing and manipulation toolkit
libgee-list Libgee collection library development and discussion
libpeas-list Discussion about usage and development of libpeas
libseed-list JavaScriptCore + GNOME
libsigc-list Mailing list for libsigc++
libsoup-list discussion of libsoup, an HTTP library
libxmlplusplus-list libxml++ mailing list
locale-list Discussion about shared library for localization
lsr-list Linux Screen Reader mailing list
Mailman [no description available]
maps-list GNOME Maps mailing-list
mc List for GNU Midnight Commander users
mc-devel List for GNU Midnight Commander developers
meld-list Discussion about the Meld visual diff and merge tool
membership-committee This is a public list for the GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee
memprof-list the MemProf memory profiling tool
mentors-list Private list for mentors and admins of GNOME's internship programs
metacity-devel-list Development of Metacity
mlview-list The MlView XML Editor list.
mousetrap-list MouseTrap is an a11y application allowing mouse control via webcam
muine-list Muine music player project discussion
nautilus-list For developers and users of the Nautilus file manager
nemiver-list The mailing list of the Nemiver project
networkmanager-ci-list [no description available]
networkmanager-list NetworkManager discussions
newcomers-list [no description available]
ocrfeeder-list For users and developers of OCRFeeder
online-desktop-list GNOME Online Desktop Development
opw-admins-list [no description available]
opw-list [no description available]
opw-opportunities-list [no description available]
orbit-list ORBit CORBA implementation use & development
orbit-perl-list Perl bindings for ORBit
orca-devel-list Orca developers list
orca-es-list Lista de correo de los usuarios del lector de pantalla Orca
orca-list Orca screen reader developers and users
ostree-list OSTree discussion and development list
outreach-list GNOME Outreach efforts
outreachy-admins-list [no description available]
outreachy-opportunities-list [no description available]
pdfmod-list discussion of PDF Mod, a simple tool for modifying PDF documents
performance-list Discussion of GNOME desktop performance issues
pinpoint-list Discussion of pinpoint - tool for excellent presentations.
planner-dev-list Planner discussion list for developers
planner-list Planner discussion list for users
professionals-list discussions between companies offering professional GNOME support
pyspi-list Python AT-SPI bindings list
python-hackers-list Development of pygobject
Recipes-list general discussion around the GNOME recipes application
release-team GNOME Release Team discussions and coordination
release-team-lurkers [no description available]
rhythmbox-devel Rhythmbox developer discussion
rust-list [no description available]
rygel-list GNOME UPnP/DLNA services
safety-list Safety and Privacy team list
seahorse-list Discussion relating to developing and using Seahorse
seedkit-list SeedKit users and developers list.
sfbay-social-list Social events for San Francisco and Bay Area
shotwell-list Discussion and announcements about Shotwell Photo Manager
snappy-list snappy video player
snowy-list A list for discussing Snowy, Tomboy's best friend on the web.
soylent-list Soylent is a browser intended to make interactions with other people as easy and enjoyable as possible
sponsorship-committee [no description available]
straw-list Anything goes about Straw and desktop readers
sysprof-list Sysprof is a statistical, system-wide profiler for Linux.
system-tools-list Mailing list for GNOME System Tools development
tasque-list Tasque discussion and development list
tinymail-devel-list Development mailing list for tinymail
tomboy-online-list User discussion and help for the Tomboy Online service
tracker-list Tracker mailing list
travel-committee Requests for travel sponsorship
vala-devel-list Vala compiler and language development
vala-list Vala compiler development and discussion
valencia-list Discussion about Valencia, a gedit-based Vala IDE
wiican-list Wiican assists on configuration and management of wii-remote controller under Gnome desktop.
windows-devel-list Windows related development of the GNOME Platform.
wm-spec-list Window manager specification
women-outreach A list of organizers of the Outreach Program for Women in GNOME
xchat-gnome-list Discussion relating to the xchat-gnome IRC client
xml The Gnome XML library mailing-list
xslt The Gnome XSLT library mailing-list

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