Nagging the user to recalibrate?

Pascal de Bruijn pmjdebruijn at
Fri Mar 26 16:57:32 UTC 2010

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:46 AM, Richard Hughes <hughsient at> wrote:
> On 25 March 2010 17:25, Pascal de Bruijn <pmjdebruijn at> wrote:
>> Possibly... But this should be configurable, and it should be easy to
>> turn off...
> Sure, I've added a "ignore" button.

Also add a "Never bother me again" button :)

>> I'm assuming the API (DBUS?) is generic, and each distro has it's own
>> visualisation...
> Sure, it's using a libnotify call, which is a standard library.
>> OR, maybe plan a Task in Evolution? This is probably too nasty...
> Euwwww.
>> Scanners probably do, because they have a backlight that ages... But
>> since scanner use is usually intermittent for most users, I doubt this
>> will be needed for the most common scanner users... So maybe we should
>> exclude these as well...
> Agreed.
>> CRTs/LCDs obviously do need to be recalibrated, 6 months seems like a
>> good default... I never notice a difference when I recalibrate on a
>> monthly basis... Though my LCD isn't on for 10 hours a day... probably
>> more like 5...
> Sure, 6 months seems like a good default.
>> And then we have printers... Printer calibration should probably be
>> redone on every new set of ink, instead of timebased... This would
>> probably be hard to detect (reliably), but sticking to time based
>> notifications isn't a decent replacement, so I guess we should exclude
>> these as well...
> I'm keen on printers, but again, maybe every month or six months is a good idea.

It's probably not... really...

The best idea is probably to instruct the user to recalibrate on each
new set of ink, whenever he/she first calibrates his/her printer...

When generating medium quality printer profiles, some smoothing is
(luckily) applied by ArgyllCMS, so I wonder if recalibration has a lot
of effect at all...

This is assuming your printer is not an unreliable piece of crap, with
el'cheapo refill-ink, from a company that sources it's ink from
another manufacturer each month or so :)

>> So CRTs/LCDs are probably the only kind of device for which a time
>> based notification unambiguously has merit...
> Cool, I've added this in git master.


There is another consideration... What is checked?

The current active profile? Or the latest available profile?

For example when I import a manufacturer supplied .icc, it will most
likely always be dated more than six months, but we still don't want
to nag the user...

Pascal de Bruijn

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