Fedora version

Leonard Evens len at math.northwestern.edu
Fri Jul 23 15:58:21 UTC 2010

I would liked to try out gnome color management.

I am currently using Fedora 12, but I can if necessary upgrade to Fedora
13.  I understand that it will be available as a Fedora 14 package, but
I wonder if a package is available I could try before that.

I can if necessary compile it from source, but that is usually time
consuming and requires searching for additional packages.

I have used Argyllcms with an Eye One Pro to calibrate/profile my
monitor and my printer.  Gimp, firefox, and inkscape can use the monitor
profile, but there are some difficulties with other applications such as
eye of gnome. I've been printing by a complicated method  using
argyllcms and photoprint.

I was hoping an integrated gnome package might allow me to deal with
such matters in a straightforward manner.

Can you suggest anything to help?

P.S.  I do have Ubuntu on a laptop, but working from there would be a
bit awkward.

Leonard Evens len at math.northwestern.edu
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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