Selecting Device Profiles

Paul Finnigan paul at
Fri Feb 19 12:48:30 UTC 2010


I was just looking at improving the preferences help page and I came
across a small UI problem someone else may like to look at.

If the device profile is not loaded you can select "Other profile..."
this takes you to the profile install routine, via a Gnome file select
window. That is good. But once the profile is installed I have to go
back to the Color Profile selector and select it. 

I think what should happen is:

1. If the profile is good for the device it should be selected.

2. If the profile is not good for the device then a message should be
issued and the device profile is unaltered.

What should never happen is that the "Other profile" selection remains
against the device.

Another point is that for a new device the profile should be "None"
rather than blank. This will keep it consistent with selecting None from
the profile list.

What does everyone else think?

Paul Finnigan 

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