Small thumbnails of targets

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Feb 8 09:16:56 UTC 2010

The attached file shows some new UI in gnome-color-manager -- it now
supports more types of targets than just IT8. To be able to show the
user a preview of what each target looks like, we need some 200x150
pixel thumbnails of the different target types. These need to be
GPLv2+ licenced, and have the specific vendor data removed. See the
screenshot for an example.

This would be a great way to help out gnome-color-manager if you are
not comfortable with coding. The list of target types I need as
thumbnails are:


I've already done IT8.

Please cc the list if you send me a type, and then we won't get
duplicated effort. Note: you can't just copy and paste from the
manufacturers website, as they may have copyright on the image.
Basically, the rule is if you're not sure about the copyright of the
image, then it's not suitable. The best way would be to scan the
target yourself and send it to me. If you send files, please state
where you got them from, and that they are redistributable as part of
a project that is GPLv2+.


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