Fighting with the screensaver.

Lars Tore Gustavsen lars.tore at
Fri Nov 13 16:38:42 UTC 2009

First I wonder if I'm the only person now who fights with the lut
deletion with gnome-screensaver.
It almost look like it is fixed, but I have still have this problem
with ubuntu 9.10.

Should I expect the color manager to take care of this on it own? Like
running some kind of services?
When I use dispwin from the argyll package I normally  take care of
this with a desktop file in the autostart folder with an exec line
like this.
Exec=/bin/bash -c ’ gnome-screensaver-command –exit;
 dispwin -L;gnome-screensaver’

I recently tried gcm on an xubuntu (xface)box and it worked very well,
but I guess the reason was it used xscreensaver instead of

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