Re: Seb128 post in Planet GNOME

Carlos Soriano via board-list <board-list gnome org> wrote:
I wanted to bring to our attention Sebastian blog that was published yesterday in planet GNOME. Personally 
speaking, I think it crosses the line.

Thanks for bringing this up, Carlos. I agree that this is something we
should address.

My short-term suggestion is to proactively reach out to Carl and mention that we are sorry this appeared in 
planet GNOME and that he feels that way, that the board will discuss the matter and that we are open to 
suggestion on how we can improve the situation. Neil, what do you think?

This sounds great to me.

I agree that we need to look again at how we can encourage
non-confrontational communication, and I'd welcome the opportunity to
discuss this further.

I think we also need to address the perception that GNOME doesn't
value its downstreams. If the assertion that no one from GNOME has
ever said anything positive about Pop! OS, then that's pretty bad
indeed. Can the board or the ED potentially take the lead in
generating a more welcoming environment for distributions? A few "we
love our distros and they're awesome" posts could go a long way.


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